Hello - sawubona - molo - haai - dumela - avuxeni - lotjhani - ndaa - hallo.


Travel in Southern Africa is as diverse as the 11 official languages of South Africa only. And this is the reason you will not find any pre-fab itineraries on this page. Rest assured, we know our way around and have created a lot of unique journeys for shorter and longer travel itineraries for smaller or bigger travel budgets. Same goes for special offers. Some match your requests and some do not: we regularly have special offers and we do include them in our itineraries whenever possible.


I am Yvette Aeppli Küng - born Swiss and passionate South African. I have travelled in South Africa and our neighbouring countries. I am your contact and will design your tour. I love to create holidays for different traveller's wishes. From a bunch of young singles to a family with small children to seasoned travellers enjoying special luxury to slow travel gourmets to adrenalin-kick seakers to golf enthusiasts to small or big group of friends. 


The We is a corporation with ATC Cape Town & Windhoek to bring in additional knowledge of experienced travel specialists and access to favourable rates and special offers. You do not pay more when booking with us compared to booking your accommodation directly - but you will get a flawless itinerary with plenty of additional bonuses to make your great journey an even better one.


As the say: The proof is in the pudding. I am looking forward to hear from you.